The Perfect Story

Are you a pessimist?” asked one of my readers/ well-wishers at a book launch sometimes back. “No, certainly not!” I’d replied then.

“I’ve read most of your stories, they are great! But why do they always end in death and grief?” he had questioned me.

May be because it’s how I perceive life. I wanted to say but I said something else which I don’t remember now. And as I sat down to start my new story today; the same question is revolving round my head. “Yes, this time I’m going to write a story where there won’t be any shadow of grief but just happiness round.” I thought to myself. “Let’s see how life with absolute happiness and without pain and suffering in it is.”

Amurta, a character or the protagonist of my story was born, as people say, with a silver spoon in his mouth. It’s because he never knew poverty or what it’s like to have lack of anything. Whatever he wanted or he desired was easily fulfilled by his father who was very rich indeed. He was brought up single-handedly with so much of love and care by his father that he himself believed if he ever regretted for not having his mother. About his mother, she’d left him when he was still a child. And let’s not get into details of his mother’s part as this may be somewhat sorrowful and which I actually don’t want in my story. So let’s move on with the story of Amurta alone if it’s possible.

Amurta grew up to be a very attractive, emotional and bright young fellow with happy-go- lucky nature in him. There were very rare or if any who disliked him or wasn’t attracted towards him. Such was his personality and his life to be envied by any one so colorful and so beautiful with no touch of grey anywhere.

 “Oh God! What more do I need to ask for?” he said to himself. He worked, he studied and spent time with his friends and lived his life as merrily as possible.

Though he’d everything, still something was missing in his life. A man’s life is incomplete until he has a woman, a wife by his side who is always with him through thick and thin. So let’s add more beauty in his life with the entry of Prapti. Prapti, whom he got married to, was very beautiful girl with a golden heart. Now their life seemed perfect with happiness and love all around.

The perfect home, perfect couple and perfect happiness. And where does the ending come in this story? No touch of ugliness just beauty and no touch of pain and grief just the happiness. Can life ever go this way? No, no, it’s not possible. It’s human nature not to get satisfied with whatever they have. They are always seeking for something more. Human desire has no limits. Something happened here with my characters. With the passage of time, something went wrong and lives of Amurta and Prapti wasn’t same as before. Something was lacking in their lives. The home where once prevailed happiness had now gone to silence. Only silence prevailed now. The two people occupied two different corners of that house and it seemed they had nothing left between them to talk about and to laugh. The couples had become two individual loners in that house. The silence was growing so vast and wide that both of them were being engulfed in it. Something was certainly not right between them and they are either avoiding it or trying to conceal it.

Then there came a day when as usual Amurta and Prapti entered their respective space and Amurta never came out of his. On that fateful day Amurta seemed grimmer than usual and silence was so strong to be frightened of. He entered his study room and started writing something on a notepad. As he finished writing tears rolled down his eyes and everything blurred before him. After few minutes, he stooped down and slowly picked up a broken piece of glass of a photo frame and made a circular movement round his left wrist. There was blood dripping down from the table and there he was, pen closed, story completed and pool of blood beneath the writing table.

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